Our Tree Services


Tree Pruning

Sometimes trees need help with their limbs, whether it be dead wood that has become over abundant or branches that are crossing and rubbing, which can eventually lead to damage to your tree. We have a recommendation and a solution for you. We are highly efficient at safely moving through the canopy of your tree to help reduce these potential safety hazards to you and your property.

Tree Cabling

There comes a time when your tree might need a bit of structural support. This could be due to a crack in the trunk from high winds or weak branch attachment points. This doesn’t mean your tree needs to be cut down! We can add a cable to limbs or the main trunk to help it hold itself together. This is a great option if you love your trees and want to keep them alive and protected as long as possible!


Plant Health Care

Do you have a tree that doesn't look as healthy as it did last season? Maybe this tree is lacking some nutrients in the soil or maybe the roots are not getting enough water or air (yeah, tree's roots need AIR too!) Let us come out and take a look at your trees to see what they might need to get them as healthy as possible again! Trees that are healthy are much less susceptible to becoming infested with pests or disease! We offer fertilization programs as well as other more specific plant health care programs that will help get your tree as healthy as ever!

Air Excavation of the root zone

Trees that live in an urban landscape (like your yard) are much different than trees that are growing in the woods. Urban trees have to deal with people and grass and vehicles compacting the soil around their roots. If the roots become too compacted, it becomes hard for the tree to uptake nutrients and water through their roots. We highly recommend that any tree that is unhealthy have it's root zone excavated and back filled with compost and other organic matter. This will help give your trees nice fertile soil to pull nutrients from as well as keep the root zone moist and healthy!



Tree Removal

Trees that are dead pose a very large risk to your home and your loved ones. High winds and heavy snows in Michigan can easily bring trees smashing to the ground or onto your home, which is not only dangerous but costly to you and your insurance company. We are highly skilled at bringing large trees down with no impact to your property with the use of in tree rigging or if the need arises, a crane. We recommend that dead trees be removed immediately if they are within range of your house. Trees that are growing too close to houses as well as nuisance trees should be removed as well.

Wildlife Habitats

One of our favorite things to do with trees that are being removed is to create a wildlife habitat out of the log that remains. By leaving the log standing, we can create an area that will allow birds, squirrels, owls, honey bees and other wildlife to take it over and build their homes from the log. We cut small pieces off the main log, drill a hole through this piece and screw it back in place over a cavity we've created. This allows birds to make homes just like they would in a birdhouse but in a much more natural place. We would love to create as many wildlife habitats in St. Clair County to help give back to what has been taken away when we remove a tree!